Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bekah Of After School

I'm on a Bekah craze right now. I just couldn't resist her stunning face. Her beauty is like Tornado blowing me away so strongly. GAHD. If only I could propose to her I would. She's like the one I'd live my life with. If only it was possible. hahah
I was bored last night and I couldn't sleep. Well, it wasn't really night. It was actually early in the morning. So yeah. For a moment, After School popped out of my head. I watched their videos on YouTube. I tell you, she was the only one who got my attention on the Ah pv. She was the only one I was looking at whenever they had scenes with the group. Her beauty is something words can't describe. I so love her and I will support her in every way. She's like the queen of my world. (I sound like a maniac. hahah) I'd love to meet her one day. If After School will perform live here in this... country, I am so in! gaaah! She pumps my heart. <3
She deserves more recognition. I was searching for her photos. (I plan to print them out. That's how Bekah crazy I am right now.) It was hard because I couldn't find much of her photos. Though they were all worth the search. hahah with that face? hell yah!
If I become a famous fashion designer, I'd pay to have her model my clothes. <3 <3 <3

Presenting to you my queen:

I love you Bekah! Always stay the same! :D (FC?)

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Kimino Ita Gosenfu - Moran

Lonely London Lad Albums

I so want to buy Lonely London Lad's Lonely London Lad album and Foaming At The Mouth album! I really love their songs! Especially Strange Child, Dark Gardens and SPQR. <3

I shall buy them SOON!

ROCK! \m/

oh and Happy Birthday to... <3

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Chain Gang - Lonely London Lad

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Angelspit Albums

I want to buy all Angelspit's album! I love them and I haven't done any support yet. Just joined their forum and that's it. Visit please and if you love them, please join. :D
Angelspit Forum
Angelspit Official Website
I will so buy their albums! SOON!
I so love DestroyX! I will and shall meet them soon! >__<

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The Feeble Mind - Psyclon Nine

Glowing Toys & Lighting Stuff

I love things that glows or make lights. I'm the type of person who is very afraid of the dark. So I like things like these. They bring me joy and makes me feel like I'm in a different planet. :D
If you plan on giving me a gift. A glow stick can already make my day. <3

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Drunken Douglas - Lonely London Lad